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Holy Trinity College, Cookstown is setting out on the biggest, most significant and most far-reaching project in its history. Our new 1,300-pupil £34m College on our existing site in central Cookstown will replace facilities which have served us all well since 1962. But it’s now past time to move on. Our new College will provide us with the setting and the tools to revolutionize education locally. With the official commencement date in May 2023, the long term vision for our school is about to become a reality, but we need support. 

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 quotes-01 Our vision is that of a learning environment built on focused collaboration, a blended curriculum, flexible and digital learning spaces, sports facilities, STEM, vocational training (including construction and hospitality), and profound employer engagement – all designed to prepare our young people for real life and cultivate a passion for employment.                                                       

The building, which encompasses Holy Trinity College, has come to the end of its serviceable life. It’s time to ‘step out of its shadows’ with a purpose built environment that will deliver real change on the ground and the best education possible for all pupils. Our students deserve this and more. Local business and community leaders are already on board devising a successful strategy
with the aim of raising over £1m. We need you to play your part! We will champion ‘Inspiration, Innovation, Excellence’; the College will continue to ‘go above and beyond’; our pupils will be highly skilled and educated; aspirations will be realised. This website explains how it will be achieved.

We need your input to ensure it is done. Your support and investment will play a fundamental part as we build for the future, our childrens’ future, and the future economy of the Mid-Ulster area. quote 2-01                                     

Isabel Russell, Principal    


Established in 1993, following the amalgamation of St Patrick’s and
Our Lady’s secondary schools, Holy Trinity College is a vibrant second – level school in Cookstown, currently serving a student cohort of 1,020, hailing from ‘partner’ primary schools across East Tyrone and Derry. We are fortunate to be geographically placed at the epicentre of industry – neighbours to companies operating globally in the fields of engineering and manufacturing and those showcasing best practice in construction
and agriculture.

old and new-01We boast a community of engaged, responsible and conscientious pupils that we, with the support of parents, have worked hard to nurture. As one of only two sports specialist schools in Northern Ireland opportunities were provided to participate in a wide range of sports as well as raising achievement across the curriculum, through the medium of English.

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Cookstown is a key centre of growth and function as an administrative and commercial centre, located centrally within Mid Ulster District Council, within an hours drive of Belfast and Derry. Cookstown is a key regional town with an estimated population of 12000. The Regional Development Strategy 2035 identifies the town as a main hub, to perform economic roles and has potential for further economic expansion. With an emphasis on manufacturing, construction and retail sectors, this vibrant town provides services to a much wider rural hinterland.
It is the wish of all teaching staff to continue to do more; go that bit further for even more children in the local area but demand for spaces has long been exceeding the number on offer.

In 2013, the school was included in the Schools’ Capital Programme for a New Build and in 2015 a development proposal outlining its ambitions to increase enrolment to 1300 pupils by 2025 was approved. With construction company Felix O’Hare onsite, work has commenced on the project which is due for completion in the summer of 2025. 

Construction Work on our new build began in May 2023.
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